Cottesmore Parish Council

Serving the people of Cottesmore

Clerk: Kerry Nimmons
17 Crocket Lane, Empingham
Oakham LE15 8PW

  • Welcome to Cottesmore

    Welcome to Cottesmore

  • Cottesmore Lake in flood

    Cottesmore Lake in flood

Welcome to the Cottesmore Parish Council Website

Cottesmore Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We strive to make the village a better place to live, work and visit. The website includes a wealth of information about what is happening within our community.




We have a group of Cottesmore based volunteers who are at hand to provide help if you need it Short-term illness or injury?

Bad weather?

We can provide help with things like shopping, other errands, and dog walking.

We also have volunteer drivers who can provide lifts for medical appointments

Please ring

Joan Edwards 01572 813317 or 07858324423

Juliet Burgess-Ray 07903 021063

Jackie Piper 07940359811 / 01572 813023


  • Rutland County Council Tips (PDF, 422 Kb)

    Rutland County Council are opening the North Luffenham Tip on the 19 May. The Cottesmore Tip is remaining closed. Full details are available via the link.


  • Radio Rutland Ownership Transfer - Ofcom Report (PDF, 241 Kb)

    You may have heard that our local radio station Radio Rutland is changing ownership from Lincs FM Group to Bauer Radio Limited.

    On 6 February 2019, Ofcom received notification from Lincs FM Group that agreement had been reached on 31 January 2019 to sell the analogue radio licence for Rutland to Bauer Radio Limited ('Bauer'). The acquisition of this and other licences owned by Lincs FM Group Limited was completed on 28 February 2019.

    Ofcom has now carried out its review under section 355 in relation to Rutland Radio. See the link for the full Ofcom Report.

  • Update from Ofcom - Details of Broadcasting Licence (PDF, 279 Kb)

    Update - New Radio Rutland Licence July 2020


  • Cottesmore's Historic Footpaths (PDF, 286 Kb)

    WARCs is a new volunteer led village improvement initiative looking at improving public rights of way and countryside access around our village. The lack of paths has been a long standing issue for the village and WARCs are a group committed to trying to improve this. Click on the link to view the poster which shows a lot more information.