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Clerk: Kerry Nimmons
17 Crocket Lane, Empingham
Oakham LE15 8PW

Planning Applications

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Current Applications:

App Ref: 2019/0353/FUL
24 Westland Road Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DT
Proposal: Clad existing garage conversion with red western cedar (retrospective).

App Ref: 2019/0052/CAT
Land To The South Of The Spinney Cottesmore Rutland
Proposal: (1575) 1 no. Oak Tree - Reduce crown and limbs over the path by 2-4m, cutting back to suitable growth points and balance as required. (1576) 1 no. Beech Tree - Fell (monolith at 2m above ground level). (1577) 1 no. Common Ash & Group Common Ash (G1578) - Reduce the crown by up to 6m, cutting back to suitable growth points and balance. (1580) 1 no. Common Ash - Pollard at 12-14m above ground level. (G1581) Group - Sycamore, Lime, Black Pine - Remove lowest limb on larger pine above the highway. Crown reduction by up to 2-3m of trees overhanging the carriageway. Pollard lime along southern edge to a remaining height of 12-14m. Reduce height of lime by 2-3m. (1582) 1 no. Sycamore - Pollard at 12-14m above ground level. (1583) 1 no. Lime & 1 no Oak (1584) - Pollard crown at 8-10m. (1585) 1 no. Oak - Pollard crown at 8m. Approved

App Ref: 2018/1061/FUL
23 Burley Road Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7BZ
Proposal: Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing structure.

App Ref: 2019/0044/CAT
Grange Cottage 69 Main Street Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DH
Proposal: 1. Mountain Ash - fell. 2. Ornamental Cherry - prune overhanging branches by 2.5 metres. 3. Conifer - reduce crown by 1.5 metres.
4. Holly - reduce crown by 1.5 metres and prune back branches by 1 metre to edge of flat roof. 5. Row of Holly trees - reduce crown by three quarters of a metre to roof level. Approved

App Ref: 2018/1333/FUL
Address: Land To Rear Of North Brook Close Greetham Rutland
Proposal: Erection of 4 no. detached dwellings Refused

App Ref: : 2018/1326/FUL
Address: 36 Wenton Close Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DR
Single storey side extensions to West and East elevations and rear extension incorporating new garage, sun room and additional living space. Approved