Cottesmore Parish Council

Serving the people of Cottesmore

Clerk: Kerry Nimmons
17 Crocket Lane, Empingham
Oakham LE15 8PW

Planning Applications

To view local planning applications click on link at the bottom of the page to the 'Rutland Planning Link' in the Rutland County Council web site.

When the link opens: click on Cottesmore in the Parish box and press SEARCH. Or copy the App Reference from below to find more information on the listed Planning Applications.

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Current Applications:

App Ref: 2019/0792/CAT
23 The Pastures Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DZ
Proposal: (T1) 1 no. Sycamore tree - shorten overhanging branches to the driveway by removing 2 metres of growth to suitable growth points.

App Ref: 2019/0777/PTA
2 Mill Lane Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DL
Proposal: Oak (T1) - reduce the height of (previously unreduced parts of) tree by 4.5m, reduce lateral spread by 2m. Sycamore (T2)- reduce height by 3m and reduce spread by 1.5m.

App Ref: 2019/0704/FUL
8 Heath Drive Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DF
Proposal: Demolition of existing outhouse and addition of two-storey side extension.

App Ref: 2019/0621/FUL
46 Greetham Road Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DB
Proposal: Demolish Garage and 2 no. Conservatories, construct Two-Storey Side Extension & Single-Storey Rear Extension. Approved

App Ref: 2019/0506/LBA
Cottesmore Grange 67 Main Street Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DH
Proposal: Replacement of selected windows which are in poor physical condition and/or are subject to severe condensation problems. Removal of secondary glazed units; making good after removal. New windows to match existing with minor variations to allow for slimline double glazed units, painted to match original. Approved

App Ref: 2018/1061/FUL
Address: 23 Burley Road Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7BZ
Proposal: Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing structure.