Cottesmore Parish Council

Serving the people of Cottesmore

Clerk: Michele Jones
2 Wyfordby Lane, Stapleford
Leicestershire LE14 2SH

Tel: 07902 511737

Planning Applications

To view local planning applications, click on the link at the bottom of the page to the 'Rutland Planning Link' on the Rutland County Council website. You will then need to click the 'Search for planning applications' button on the RCC page.

When the link opens: click on Cottesmore in the Parish box and press SEARCH. Or copy the App Reference form below to find more information on the listed Planning Applications.

If you wish to comment there is a facility on the site to do it online under comment.

Current Applications:

April 2021

REFUSE - 2021/0561/LBA | A porch to link main house to outbuilding. | 27 Main Street Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DH

APPROVED - 2021/0492/FUL | Erection of a wooden lean to log store and shed in the rear garden | 7 Old Hall Mews Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7TL

May 2021

APPROVED - 2021/0677/CAT | T1 - Sycamore - Reduce by removal of one of the basal stems and light pruning to the remainder. T2 - Sycamore - Fell. | 25A The Leas Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DG

APPROVED - 2021/0615/FUL | Demolition of rear single storey extension and replacement with enlarged rear single storey extension. Erection of front porch. | 13 Mill Lane Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DL

APPROVED - 2021/0659/CAT | Remove 2 x Fir Trees, Leylandii & Nordman Fir. Removal of the two trees will allow for other trees within the garden which have greater amenity value to flourish. | Lilac Farm 19 Mill Lane Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DL

June 2021

APPROVED - 2021/0811/FUL | Proposed front and side extension to provide porch, bathroom, and dining room. | 38 Wenton Close Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DR

July 2021

APPROVED - 2021/0914/FUL | Ground floor extension | 64 Harrier Close Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7BT

August 2021

APPROVED - 2021/0965/LBA | Replace 5 no. windows in the house and annex with wooden frame double glazed, non storm proof windows with side openings. | 20 Main Street Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DJ

APPROVED - 2021/1049/FUL | Roof replacement of building 90. | Kendrew Barracks School Road Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7BL

September 2021

APPROVED- 2021/1153/FUL | Erection of a car port and garden store extension | Hywalls Clatterpot Lane Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DW

APPROVED - 2021/1098/FUL | Erection of a single story Garden building - timber frame, wood clad, flat roof for use as a home gym and storage. | 9 Heath Drive Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DF

November 2021

UNDECIDED - 2021/1316/FUL | Two storey & single storey rear extensions. | 29 The Pastures Cottesmore Rutland LE15 7DZ

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